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Protecting your pond liner is key to the sucess of building your pond !  As the weight of the water increases, the pressure on the liner becomes greater, and the smallest object under the liner can create problems.
Using Underlay greatly reduces the risk of penetration of anything under the liner.  It protects and prolongs the life of the liner.
We strongly recommnend using the following method with installing pond liner.

  1. Remove ALL rocks - big and small from excavation
  2. Place a layer of bedding sand on the base of the pond area - preferably 2 to 3 inches thick.
  3. It is also a good idea to line any 'shelves' and the top edge of the pond with bedding sand.
  4. Line the entire pond area with UNDERLAY - if the walls of the pond area are quite 'rocky' use two layers
  5. Now install your liner, being very careful not to stretch it.
  6. Once the liner is in place, then you can proceed to edge the pond - again being careful to protect your liner.
  7. When the pond is edged, then you can slowly start to fill the pond with water.

NOTE:  Ensure that all necessary local council regulations are adhered to when installing / creating your pond.  Regulations differ from region to region.
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