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How to Read the Commercial Fountain Nozzle Charts

The column headed “L/Min” is the flow required in litres per minute (x 60 = litres/hour). (Most other performances quoted in this catalogue are in Litre/Hour.) The column headed “Pressure – Metres” is the head pressure in metres to obtain the jet height required. For heights greater than 8.0m, please enquire. For example,

4mm Lance Jet:        if a jet height of 2.0m is required, a pump capable of 4L/Min (240L/hr) at 2.2m head is needed.

While all information given is believed to be correct, due to differences in installation that are completely out of our control, no guarantee is given that the performance stated will be achieved, and variations are likely.  Particularly, allowance must be made for friction losses in pipework.

Water Level Dependency

Some nozzles are stated to be water level dependent. This means:

               1.            They must be installed at a particular height relative to the water level. Refer to information for each type of nozzle.

               2.            This also means that if there is surging or “wave” effects in the pond, continuous fluctuation of the jet height will occur. This may not be desirable to some clients.

                              To avoid fluctuation on water level dependent nozzles, install:

                              a.            water level sensor and auto top-up

                              b.            overflow drain

                              c.            surge reducing “collars” around nozzles

                              d.            “wet edge” waterfalls may also assist in maintaining a constant level, or, install on a floating pontoon.

Please ensure all installations comply with local government regulations.

Availability: Most nozzles are stocked in Melbourne. Allow one week lead time or an overnight charge of $25.00. In some cases they may have to be shipped from overseas, typically a three week lead time applies in this case. For most nozzles, larger sizes are also available, please enquire. Check availability of stock prior to quoting to your customer.

Quality:      All nozzles are bronze or brass and most are chrome plated. Manufactured in Europe to stringent quality standards.

For larger sizes, or performances greater than those listed, please contact us

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11 Item(s) per page