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Maximise the use of your Rainwater

  • rainpro®uses rainwater when the tank is full, conserving the Mains water supply.

  • rainpro®is easy to install in new and existing homes.

  • rainpro®will supply rainwater to your toilet and laundry or the whole house, providing Mains water only when the tank level is low.

  • rainpro® can supply rainwater to your garden taps for irrigation or washing the car without using Mains supply.

  • rainpro® is very easy to install with quick plug and pre-plumbed units available.

  • In the case of power failure, the rainpro® automatically reverts to Mains supply so the household is not left without water.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

  • rainpro®is available as a heavy duty pump controller with solenoid valves up to 50mm, coupled with Pumps up to 18amps.

  • rainpro®can be customized to suit any application to provide a complete Rain to Mains Pump control solution.

  •  Multi unit dwellings, factories, high rise buildings, recycling plants, long distance applications from water storage to discharge

Safety and Certainty

REEFE® rainpro® is in compliance with the requirements of Standards Australia’s Technical Specifications ATS 5200-477 and the Plumbing Code of Australia PCA Part A2.2 for plumbing and drainage products – Rainwater/Mains supply changeover devices. RainPro® RM2500-2 also complies with AS4020 and has been approved by WaterMark where applicable for connection to potable water supply.